Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reset Portlet Action-scoped Request Attributes

JSR 286 provides a container runtime option javax.portlet.actionScopedRequestAttributes that when set to true allows portlets set complex objects as request attributes from the processAction method for subsequent rendering.

Based on the spec, action-scoped request attributes are kept in the session until are reset in the next action or session timeout. The reset can be done in different ways:

1) In portlet processAction method, call request.setAttribute(attributeName, null);, this call removes the attribute with the given name.

2) Build a portlet renderURL with a parameter that has name as and an empty string value, as shown in below. All action-scoped request attributes will be removed once the renderURL is invoked.

<portlet:renderURL var="refreshURL">
  <portlet:param name="" value="" />

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