Tuesday, February 28, 2012

IBM Rational Floating License on Network Servers

When install IBM Rational floating license on a network server that resides behind firewall, it is importatnt to note in the license.dat file, we must specify individual port numbers on not only the SERVER line, but also each VENDOR or DAEMON line, as shown in below.

SERVER    <hostname>   <host or NIC ID>   <lmgrd port>

VENDOR ibmratl PORT=<ibmratl port>

The <lmgrd port> in SERVER line defines the port number used by the license manager daemon (lmgrd), and the <ibmratl port> defines the port number used by the vendor daemon (ibmratl). Once firewall is configured to allow access to these port numbers, desktop IBM Rational applicaitons can now access the license on network server.

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